Best Instructor in Oklahoma

My son has seen Coach Jeff for 5 years. Coach Jeff has helped my son become a majors level pitcher. Coach Jeff's concentration on proper mechanics and strengthening his arm turned my son into a completely different pitcher.   Highly recommend Coach Jeff. Todd A.

Thanks Coach Jeff

My son has been in pitching lessons with Coach Jeff for a year. Before finding coach Jeff, my son has taken pitching from several other places. None of them come close to the instruction Coach Jeff provides.  Rick W.

Can't Thank Coach Jeff Enough

My son struggled to pitch before coming to Coach Jeff. After being with Coach Jeff for 6 months, my son has learned the fundamentals of pitching and is now the best pitcher on his team. Awesome job Coach Jeff. Amy B.

Changed my Son's Career

My son had arms issues before coming to Coach Jeff. Coach Jeff fixed my son's mechanics and increased his fastball by 7mph. The result was my son got a full ride scholarship to pitch. Best Pitching Instructor period. Jim W.

Nobody Comes Close

My son has been to several different coaches over the years. Once we found Coach Jeff a year ago, the way he has taught my son to pitch correctly has been amazing. My son went  from only occasionally pitching on Saturdays to a final game Sunday pitcher. Thanks a Million Coach Jeff. Rob J.