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Our goal is to teach pitchers how to safely pitch. Too many young pitchers are getting hurt today from poor mechanics and overuse. Our pitching lessons focus on training students to use proven mechanics to protect the student's arm and promote healthy pitching. Our motto is "healthy velocity located." 



Our instruction is based on a proprietary method proven to properly increase velocity and control.  We provide aspiring athletes the proper mechanics and fundamentals allowing them to safely take their game to the next level. Our training includes all aspects of pitching, including how to warm up, mechanics, increasing speed, pitch grips and types, strength and conditioning specific to pitchers, band work, stretching, pitch selection, arm care pre and post pitching and nutrition. We see an average increase in velocity of 5 mph. Our pitching lessons are performed in North Edmond at Stewards Sports.


Lead Instructor

Jeff Ludlam has been a pitching instructor for over 15 years. He trained under several MLB and College coaches. Mr. Ludlam's instruction is unique to Oklahoma. His goal is to train each student to not only be the best pitcher they can be, but to understand and feel the difference between proper technique and improper technique. 

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